Family Law

Two hands gently hold a pair of golden wedding bands, a central symbol of unity and commitment in a civil marriage, with the focus on the interlocking rings highlighting the cherished bond of matrimony.

Civil Marriage Law in the UAE

Learn about civil marriage in the UAE, where non-Muslims have a legal and inclusive option for matrimony, showcasing the nation’s advanced framework for civil unions.

A close-up photograph of a bride and groom's hands as they exchange wedding rings, a symbolic gesture capturing the essence of matrimonial vows and the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

Understanding Your Marriage Type Under Sharia Law

Discover the essentials of marriage laws in the UAE, covering the Sharia Law process, necessary documents, and legal procedures for couples in Dubai

A woman wearing a hijab appears troubled or distressed while a man in the background gestures as if he is speaking to her in a serious or potentially argumentative manner.

Understanding the Duration of Contested Divorce Law in UAE

Under the contested divorce law in UAE, the process of legally ending a marriage, even amidst disagreements, is designed to be direct and systematic. The Personal Status Court, which presides over divorce proceedings for both Emirati nationals and expatriates, is empowered to grant a divorce decree, sometimes within a month if the circumstances allow. This […]

A person's hand with a manicured fingernail is poised to pick up a single golden-colored capsule from a white surface, suggesting the action of taking a supplement or medication.

Divorce by Mutual Consent in UAE Law

In the United Arab Emirates, the legal proceedings for divorce can be conducted under the jurisdiction of UAE law or may follow the legal framework of the individuals’ respective home countries. This choice often depends on the nationalities of the parties involved. In cases where the couple hails from different nations, the governing law for […]

Two hands, one with a removed wedding ring, rest on a table near a divorce form with a pen, symbolizing the process of finalizing a marital separation.

Divorce Law in UAE for Expats: A Legal Guide

Key Takeaways: Introduction to Divorce Law in UAE For Expats Recently, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has enacted significant reforms in the area of marriage and divorce law. The article delves into the intricacies of “Divorce Law in UAE for Expats,” outlining how these legal changes specifically impact expatriates. Federal Laws Governing Divorce in UAE […]

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