Labour Law

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UAE Amplifies Laws Addressing Types of Workplace Harassments

Workplace harassment is a pressing issue that can have detrimental effects on both individuals and organizations. It encompasses a wide range of behaviors and actions that create hostile, intimidating, or offensive environments for employees. To address workplace harassment effectively, it’s essential to understand the different forms it can take. By gaining insight into the types […]

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The Crucial Element of the Labour Contract in UAE

Understand the Labour Contract in the UAE. Learn about types, new laws, and rights. Navigate the employment landscape with confidence. Essential guide.

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Seize Your Exit: An In-Depth Exploration of UAE Resignation Laws

Understanding the legal framework of UAE Resignation Laws is essential, particularly when dealing with matters as significant as resignation. This article offers a comprehensive guide to the legal nuances involved in resigning under UAE Resignation Law, covering crucial elements such as notice period, gratuity, and termination benefits. It aims to equip both employers and employees […]

Bullying and Workplace Harassment

Deciphering Mental Harassment at Workplace UAE Law: Legal Insight

The Soaring Epidemic of Mental Harassment at Workplace Under UAE Law: In the cutthroat arena of today’s professional world, Bullying and Harassment at Workplace in UAE may be a pressing issue that demands immediate attention in some situations. These toxic behaviors not only destabilize an employee’s mental well-being but also sully the reputation of the […]