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Two hands gently hold a pair of golden wedding bands, a central symbol of unity and commitment in a civil marriage, with the focus on the interlocking rings highlighting the cherished bond of matrimony.

Civil Marriage Law in the UAE

Learn about civil marriage in the UAE, where non-Muslims have a legal and inclusive option for matrimony, showcasing the nation’s advanced framework for civil unions.

A close-up photograph of a bride and groom's hands as they exchange wedding rings, a symbolic gesture capturing the essence of matrimonial vows and the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

Understanding Your Marriage Type Under Sharia Law

Discover the essentials of marriage laws in the UAE, covering the Sharia Law process, necessary documents, and legal procedures for couples in Dubai


UAE’s Emiratisation Law 2024: Pioneering Workforce Transformation

Explore the ‘Emiratisation Law UAE’ – transforming the private sector for a diverse future.

A commercial airplane flying low over four palm trees, with the words 'Travel Ban' written in the sky with cloud-like letters against a clear blue background.

New Automated System Introduced in UAE for Lifting Travel Bans

Discover the travel ban update today – Abu Dhabi automating travel bans and financial responsibilities, simplifying legal processes for efficient governance.

The image shows a wooden gavel, often used by a judge, resting on a dark surface with the word "ARBITRATION" spelled out in bold, capital letters, likely made of wood or metal, positioned in front of it. The composition suggests a legal context, specifically focusing on arbitration, which is a form of alternative dispute resolution outside of courts.

UAE Arbitration Laws : Law, Technology, and Strategies

Key Takeaways: Introduction  The realm of UAE Arbitration Law has undergone transformative changes, especially with the introduction of Federal Law No. 6 of 2018. This law, replacing the provisions in the UAE Civil Procedures Law, has established a more comprehensive and detailed framework for arbitration in the UAE, thereby enhancing the region’s appeal as a […]

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